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The artist today: Orientation in the art world


This workshop is aimed at emerging and established artists who wish to approach the art world efficiently and professionally, increasing their production and their CV.
After an introduction to the art system and its protagonists, students will be guided in the preparation of materials necessary for a correct presentation of their opus (from artist statement to portfolio). They will acquire the appropriate tools for effective management of contacts and relationships with protagonists of the sector, networking, personal promotion (social media, web) and the preparation of open calls.
They will learn how to organize a personal archive for effective communication and will be able to give an objective evaluation of their work, and perform a targeted search for suitable galleries and exhibition spaces, managing these relationships in a professional manner while protecting the copyright of the work.
The participants will also learn the skills for the preparation of an art exhibition, from concept to set-up, studying in detail the entire pathway from programming, fundraising, curatorship, choice of the exhibition space, promotion, exhibition set-up and documentation.
Saturday MARCH 19th
2pm – 4pm
Lesson°1: Artist Presentation
-Necessary material for a professional presentation (curriculum vitae, portfolio, artist pdf, business cards, website, artist statement)
4pm – 6pm
Lesson°2: Contemporary Art System
-Introduction to the contemporary art world and its protagonists
Saturday MARCH 26th
2pm – 4pm
Lesson°3: Approaching the Market
– Finding a suitable gallery, copyright, contracts, how to set a price, billing rules
4pm – 6pm
Lesson°4: Exhibition Opportunities
-Open calls and residency programs, art fairs: applications and budget management
2pm – 4pm
Lesson°5: Organization and Archiving
– Creating an inventory, visual archives, press clipping
4pm – 6pm
Lesson°6: Communication and Visibility
-Internet and social networks, mailing list and newsletter management, networking, public relations
2pm – 4pm
Lesson°7: Project Management 1
-Organization of an exhibition: from idea to realization, sponsorship, fundraising
4pm – 6pm
Lesson°8: Project Management 2
– Communication and promotion of a cultural event
1 lesson: 35 € | 2 lessons: 60 € | 8 lessons: 220 €